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50 Contemporary Women Artists (Schiffer)

Edited by John Gosslee and Heather Zises

This one-of-a-kind compendium features a selection of women artists and architects who have made groundbreaking contributions to contemporary art. Profiling an international cross-section of artists, 50 Contemporary Women Artists presents fresh perspectives on feminism and notions of cultural power. Using a variety of mediums, the artists in this book address themes of social, cultural, political, environmental, and psychological issues. Included are works by five MacArthur Foundation Fellows that activate an ongoing dialogue about contemporary practices. Readers receive a unique glimpse of seminal works such as Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, as well as brand-new pieces inspired by the Women’s March on Washington in 2017. Complete with a foreword by Elizabeth Sackler, PhD, this compilation is ideal for educators, students, curators, collectors, and all those who support the arts.

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This book may ultimately stand an important of time as a historic (I prefer “herstoric”) marker referencing women’s artistic response to the current onslaught of national and global oppression, racism, and abuse. Our turbulent times and the complicity of silence in so many sectors make this book a vitally important statement. These women’s voices can be heard through their images—and through the ages.

By providing a visual platform where alternative histories can be examined, this book promotes outstanding achievements in contemporary art and architecture by women. And despite it the limited number of artist slots, it also advocates intersectional feminism by showcasing a diverse range of differences among women, such as nationality, religion, culture, language, and economic status.

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